到目前为止,我已经谈到了之间的区别learnings and insights,关注的差异问题与解决方案, 这判断的基本作用, and balancingdiscovery and deliveryactivities.

Those that know me personally know that I spend a lot of my time helping to persuade company leaders to start trusting and empowering their product teams.



“There’s No Demand”



现在有时确实不是dema公司nd, but much more often than not, it is easier on our ego to believe the demand isn’t there, at least until a competitor comes along with a dramatically better solution, which makes clear the issue was never demand.

“Our Customers Hate Change”

If only I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard this one. Especially from teams doing products for Enterprise companies.

Customers hate bad products. And they don’t appreciate gratuitous change. But customers happily change all the time –如果你给他们一个真正让他们的生活更好的东西。


松弛。条纹。购物。特斯拉。飞涨。netflix。苹果手机。Workiva ......


For those that can’t blame their customers, it’s convenient to blame their industry. Many industries are regulated – financial, healthcare, telcos, transportation, power, environmental – are all obvious examples.


And every company, to one degree or another, is constrained by legal regulations.

重点是,每个公司都必须提出符合相关约束的解决方案。我说过很多次,即用户和客户爱的解决方案只有一半的战斗 - 我们还需要确保解决方案为我们的业务工作(可行性)。


In any case, we have very good用于处理受监管行业的发现技巧

I’ve loved watching the new breed of strong product companies disrupting financial services and healthcare especially.



Usually what’s going on is that they are misunderstanding the first principle of product, which is that our customers can’t tell us what to build. But I point out to them we’re not asking them to tell us what to build. We’re testing to see if they will buy the product if we do build it.

Whether it’s truly a new type of product (rarely) or just a different approach to the solution (almost always), eventually you are going to have to put it in front of real users and customers. You’re not doing yourself any favors by giving yourself reasons to push that day off.



In any case, it’s important to respect the role of sales in a direct sales go-to-market model, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to talk to customers. That’s non-negotiable. What is negotiable is how we do this.

通常需要什么是产品负责人和销售负责人会对关切的讨论以及他们将如何解决。这是宗旨charm school适用于产品。

If despite all attempts you’re still prevented from talking to customers, then you probably want to reconsider your company’s chances at sustained success.


This one is so common but it’s really just lack of education. It is remarkable how many people – especially startup founders – tell me their product idea is not possible to test. “The only way we can test this out is to build it.”

I’m always hesitant to say that they’re absolutely wrong, because there may be product ideas that truly require building it out. But I do tell them that I still have not run into that situation myself.

I ask them if they’veanalyzed the various risks?I ask them if they know about the四种主要类型的原型?I ask them if they understand both定性和定量技巧



“We Don’t Have Time”


如果产品的想法是not危险 - 创始人/产品经理,设计师和技术领先地位认为,当涉及到价值,可用性,可行性和可行性时,这很简单 - 我们只需继续建立它。

However, if theresignificant risk, then the real question is do you have the timenot测试它?


产品发现的潜在原则是,如果我们无法测试一个想法至少an order of magnitude less time and effort than actually building it, then you’re doing something very wrong.


If your team has been thinking product discovery is not something you can do because of one or more of the excuses above, I hope this article encourages you to reconsider your position.

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